A limited number of 5-Frame
spring nucs are available for
reservation for $60 or purchase
for $160.
Be sure to add a note with your
name, email, and phone number
so we can contact you when your
nuc is ready! Balance is due at
pick up.
To reserve your nuc, please send
a $60 deposit through the PayPal
button below.

To pay the full amount of $160,
pay here:

If you need help sending money
through PayPal, or the above link
does not work for you, please
click here.

If you'd like to mail a check,
please use this
form and mail
orders to
23161 Hubbards Road
Remington, VA 22734
Varroa sensitive hygiene (VSH)
queens will be available when
conditions become more suitable
for queen rearing and mating.
VSH queens are $30 each. They
will be available for pick up only.