Comb Honey

Pop's Bees is proud to offer comb honey. Our 1
pound jars contain comb from the hive while our 8
ounce rounds were filled by the bees themselves.
The delicate honey combs can be chewed like gum
or eaten.

1lb glass jar                                         $10
Creamed Honey

Pop's Bees offers an easily spreadable,
one pound jar cream honey that is perfect
for anything from toast to cakes. Drizzle it.
Spread it. Love it.

1lb glass jar                                $10
Our raw honey is honey that has been collected from the hive and bottled without

All of our products are currently sold at the office of Hubbards Road Self Storage.
23161 Hubbards Road Remington, VA 22734.
Stop by and pick up your honey with a check, cash, or credit card.

Select sizes can found at Byler Buildings in Catlett, Messick's Farm Market in Midland, and
Frying Pan Farm Park in Herndon.

Please note that prices are subject to change.
*Please note that honey products should not be fed to children under 1 year of age.*
Specialty Products
Our pure wildflower honey
makes a great gift,
especially our smallest
squeeze bottle. Give it as
a gift or take it back to
your own hive.

8oz plastic                $5
Pop's Bees also offers
8 delicious ounces of
honey in glass jars. Buy
them corked for an
elegant feel or with a
screw lid to scoop your
honey with a spoon.

8oz corked jar        $6
8oz screw top jar  $6
Looking for a cute,
kid-friendly option? Our
plastic bear-shaped
squeeze bottle holds 12
ounces of honey. Get one
before they're sold out!

12oz plastic bear        $6
Our most popular honey is our
one pound plastic squeeze
bottle. Keep it around for a
quick honey fix or give it as
gift to the honey lover in your

1lb plastic bottle                $8
Elegant and natural is a
great way to describe the
beautiful one pound corked
jars we offer here at Pop's
Bees. With a lovely ribbon
and cute tag, it's ready to
go home with you.

1lb corked glass jar     $12
Do you use a lot of
honey? Maybe you use it
for baking, cooking, or
simply add it to your
favorite drink. Well, if you
go through honey quickly,
Pop's Bees offers a
great solution! Our
convenient twelve pound
plastic bottle comes with
a handle for easy
carrying, pouring, and

12lb plastic bottle   $60
Offered in two different bottle styles,
our two pound bottles of honey are
great for those who just need more
honey and want to save a few
dollars and some shelf space at

2lb plastic bottle                        $15
Made for those who can't
get enough of our honey
(who can?!), we offer a
five pound bottle. Whether
you eat in plain or put it in
your recipes, you're sure
to have enough honey with
this large bottle.

5lb plastic bottle     $30